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Alex Fibishenko

There is NO registrable speciality in Australia dedicated to Dental Implants or registered Dental Implants Specialists. Dental Implant surgery is performed by dentists, periodontists, prosthodontist, oral surgical specialists or other dental specialists. The type of training that dentists or dental specialists should undertake before offering dental implant treatment include not only post graduate courses but also private residency programs and mentoring in order to gain the necessary knowledge and skill-set. A dental 'specialist' qualification is a higher degree and often indicates a restricted area of practice. Since dental implants encompasses a number of areas in dentistry, knowledge and skill across multiple such disciplines, in either general or specialist practice, and a multi-faceted facility is often advantageous to ensure a streamlined process to the benefit of the patient. On occasion a dental specialist or expert may be required to address a particular component of the treatment plan that falls outside the area of expertise of the treating specialist or implant-dentist who co-ordinates the treatment plan.

Dental Implant Specialists Dr Alex Fibishenko is a Dentist whose practice is exclusive to dental implants. He is the resident Implant Dentist at the Centre for Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry Dental Implants Clinics and has extensive experience in both the prosthodontic and the restorative disciplines involved in Dental Implant Treatment. Dr Fibishenko travelled worldwide to receive training and mentorship from some of the pioneers and leaders in the field. His practice focuses on Implant Surgery and Plastic Oral Surgery in Dental Implants Centres in Melbourne and Sydney.

Dr Alex Fibishenko introduced the All-On-4 'Plus' dental implants treatment concept. All On 4 Plus is an outcome-based treatment planning philosophy for total rehabilitation with dental implants that is focused on patients’ common desire for an uncomplicated treatment process and optimal immediate results. Dr Alex Fibishenko uses advanced plastic dento-alveolar surgical techniques and 4 or more implants as determined by individual clinical situations, to support immediate fixed replacement teeth that look, feel and function like beautiful natural teeth in 2 to 3 Days. He has gained a nationwide reputation as a leader in these procedures and is actively involved in Training and Education.

All On 4

Dr Fibishenko’s state-of-the-art Dental Implants Centre in Melbourne, Australia, offers the latest 3-D diagnostic imaging, sleep dentistry and onsite dental implants laboratory. His facility and an expert implant team is a testament of his commitment as to the best possible results in the most streamlined process for his patients. He has treated a number of hundreds of cases with total immediate rehabilitation using the All-On-4 Plus method, and works with selected skilled dentists as well as dental specialists throughout Australia.

To learn more about All On 4 click here to visit the dedicated website.

You may also find more information about Dr Alex Fibishenko and the Centre for Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry by visiting CAID’s main website Click here.




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